The cleaner was extraordinary! She is extremely amiable and incredibly diligent and carried out a fantastic job!

  • Charles

The service quality is top notch and very affordable, making it a perfect choice for folks who want to get the most bang for their buck.

  • Mr. Barton

Highly professional and swift service! This company has been our go-to two times now for our carpet cleaning needs around London, so there's no need to look elsewhere next time. Many thanks to the expert cleaners who assisted us!

  • Jon Agile

Nothing but top-notch results were acquired when it came to our office cleaning - thanks to House Cleaning Services, who also happened to offer fantastic value for money too!

  • Christy

I thought that hiring London Cleaning House and booking their cleaning services would be expensive. To my surprise, the quote they gave me was far less than I expected, and they kept to it even after they had carried out the amazing work.

  • Tom Peters

For an awesome price you get fabulous services from London Cleaning House, fantastic cleaners, and premium quality!

  • Danny Grisson

Job well done by House Cleaning Services on my windows; they are shiny and spotless now - many thanks to them!

  • Missy F.

Completely satisfied with the results from our undertaking cleaner today. The cleaners were courtly and expounded upon the duties thoroughly before commencement. I can't wait for House Cleaning Services to come around every week!

  • Susan Peters
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